EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant

EcoFlow makes it possible for everyone to generate their own solar power, even if the space available is limited. The EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant uses electricity from our solar panels more efficiently than ever. Our solution combines the advantages of on and off-grid balcony power plants in an innovative way.

What Is the EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant?

The EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant is an innovative combination of an inverter, a solar panel, and a power station. You can connect the 600 or 800 watts microinverter directly to your solar panels and then plug it in, either to the mains or a power station. During the day, you can now use solar power and mains power simultaneously. Even more, you can charge your power station to have solar energy available at night and when you are out and about.

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Efficient use of your solar energy

Easy to set up

Extreme flexibility

Power supply at home & on the go

Attractive design

Eco-friendly technology

PowerStream Balcony Solar System

600 Watt
800 Watt

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What Makes the EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant Stand Out?

The advantages our balcony power plant and our PowerStream Balcony System offer are most noticeable when compared to other solutions currently on the market.

Solar energy generated by a balcony power plant is fed into the power grid. However, this does not allow for energy storage, therefore, it cannot function as an emergency generator. Portable solar batteries meant for at-home or on-the-go use cannot charge while being used. Home solar storage solutions usually need to be installed by professionals.


Balcony Power Plant

Portable Solar Storage

Home Solar Storage

PowerStream Balcony System

Emergency Power Supply





Power generation with simultaneous power consumption





Simple self-assembly according to the plug-and-play principle





Mains connection/ Self-sufficient

Mains connection


Mains connection



The PowerStream Balcony System gives us the benefits of all three technologies in one device!

Benefits of a Balcony Power Plant – Reduce Energy Costs and Protect the Environment


With the energy crisis worsening by the minute and electricity prices rising significantly, it is time you become as independent as possible from electricity operators! A balcony power plant allows you to use your own solar power with unmatched efficiency. Power your household appliances with electricity directly from your solar panels, charge your portable power station, or use electricity from the mains, whatever suits you best!

When your PowerStream Balcony System is connected, it automatically determines which type of power source is the most economical at that moment.

A Wide Range of Possible Uses for Your Solar Power

Direct power supply for household appliances

Significant reduction in electricity costs

Independent power supply with portable power station

Optimized use of the mains power

Enhanced electricity consumption due to its smart control system

Efficient use of small areas (e.g., balconies, gardens, terraces)

Complete overview through the EcoFlow App

Reliable emergency power supply

Put an End to High Electricity Bills

A balcony power plant automatically helps reduce your electricity costs. For example, if you opt for a balcony power plant with two 400-watt solar panels, an 800-watt PowerStream, and a DELTA 2 power station, you save well over 200 pounds a year. And, even without a power station, the savings are still noticeable.

Don’t Be Afraid of Blackouts

You no longer have to fear power outages. The balcony power station always provides a charged station at your request, covering your power demands in the event of an unexpected power outage!

Maximum Freedom, Independence, and Efficiency

With our balcony power plant, a combination of a power station, a solar panel, and, eventually, a microinverter, solar power will never be wasted again. Use it anywhere, whether at home or on the go, outdoors or indoors. And, if your power demands are low, but your panels are working at full capacity, it automatically goes into the mains. From now on, you will be as energy independent as can be! If you are looking for a solution against rising energy prices and electricity failures, an EcoFlow Balcony Solar Plant is the answer.

No More Waiting for Professionals

Installing an EcoFlow balcony power plant is so effortless that you no longer need specialised personnel. Its intuitive plug-and-play principle promises a straightforward installation so you do it in no time! Save yourself from excessive installation costs and long waiting times.

Attractive Appearance – the EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant


The optimum solar solution is only useful if it is visually attractive, and that is why all of our EcoFlow products fit into any surroundings, thanks to their timeless elegance. Moreover, their practical and compact design means no valuable space will go unwasted.  

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What Makes the EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant So Special?

The EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant combines all the advantages of conventional solar solutions for balconies and small spaces. Thanks to EcoFlow, we no longer have to choose between a mains-connected and an autonomous, portable system. When we plug it in, the PowerStream Balcony System, the microinverter, automatically decides what type of energy source is most efficient at that moment. If you opt for a power station and are on the go, rest assured you will have a reliable power supply in the event of an unexpected power failure.

Is It Safe to Generate Electricity with EcoFlow Products and the Balcony Power Plant?

All of our products meet the highest safety standards. We offer a 10-year guarantee for the balcony power plant, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are covered. In addition, electricity generated with EcoFlow products promises no harmful emissions or noise pollution, meaning your family’s health is well protected, and you contribute to protecting the environment.

Do I Have a Better Overview of My Energy Consumption With the Balcony Power Plant?

Yes, thanks to the practical EcoFlow app, you can always keep an eye on your energy consumption and identify any potential for optimization and savings at any point.